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Heartland CPR has some of the best, most qualified American Heart Association (AHA) certified BLS, ACLS, PALS and Heartsaver CPR AED First Aid instructors in the state of Oklahoma! We pride ourselves in offering fun, affordable classes and make sure you're confident in your skills and satisfied with your training before you leave!

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Our Mission


At Heartland CPR, teaching life-saving skills to others is our passion. By limiting our class sizes, minimizing test anxiety, and taking every opportunity to exceed the expectations of our customers, we engage participants with our fresh approach to training. Whether it's a customer's first class or fiftieth, we know that there is always something more that can be learned. When it comes to required certification training, boredom shouldn't be the norm and laughing shouldn't be outlawed. We believe that learning can - and should - be fun!


Our Vision


At Heartland CPR, we endeavor to set the training standard by making learning fun, offering superior service to our customers, and retaining talented trainers who continually strive for excellence in their fields. Respect for one another along with our collective faith-based values will guide our every decision and action. Our dedication to the training provider we represent, the contractor partners that represent us, and the customers that we serve sets us apart from our competition, impacting our continued growth and success.



Heartland CPR

Heartland CPR, llc was originally established under the name Custom Training Solutions as a home business by Brian and Ginger Davis. Since 2003, we have been providing American Heart Association training to the OKC metro area, statewide, and at times beyond Oklahoma's borders. From the beginning, Heartland CPR has traveled to our customers and provided quality training at their location to fit their schedules. Early on, however, it became apparent that we needed to offer classes to individuals that didn't have it offered at their place of employment or school, so we began scheduling classes on various days and times to accommodate virtually every schedule. After outgrowing the ability to continue teaching the many classes offered to the public in our home, then outgrowing a new home built with training in mind, Heartland CPR obtained office and training space at Oak Leaf Business complex in early 2011, outgrew that initial space, then renovated and customized a much bigger suite in the same complex in late 2014. Several contractor partners have been added to our staff; careful selection along with the philiosophy of genuine respect for those we partner with allows us to retain the very best AHA-certified instructors in the field. To better serve our customers, we added AED distribution to what we offer our customers in 2012 and are sure to have an AED to fit every need and budget. Heartland CPR continues to grow and adapt to the needs of our customers based on feedback received from our instructors and customers.

Heartland CPR is committed to offering personalized, quality instruction in a manner that incorporates participants' work environments and experiences within the course. We understand that time is valuable so we do our best to cover the material in the most efficient manner possible; the responsible use of your time is second only to a dedication to quality training, assuring that everyone certified with Heartland CPR has a genuine knowledge of the material. Our unwavering dedication to these core values mean you won't find low quality, "cattle-herding", quickie classes with unengaged instructors that amount to little more than selling certification cards. We believe that creating an environment where learning can be fun and virtually pain-free leads to better-equiped rescuers. Our customers tell us that this philosophy is the key our success; unusually high customer retention and referrals tell us that we must be doing something right!

Heartland CPR employs only American Heart Association (AHA) certified instructors which combined have in excess of 50 years of training experience. Our instructors are active in their churches, LifeGroups, various ministries and missions. Well-rounded others-focused individuals of integrity, exhibiting intelligence balanced with a sense of humor, a team sharing common values make up our "family" of instructors.

Oklahoma certificate #00494 was issued in 2009 (under the name Custom Training Solutions) establishing that Heartland CPR is recognized by the state of Oklahoma as a small, Women-Owned Business. Recent audits at various course levels reveal compliance with AHA standards and good standing as an independent training site, under the direction of AHA Oklahoma-region training center, Genesis under the direction of Bill Justice. We are a BBB Acredited Business with an A+ rating and were selected as the 2014 Torch Award winner in the small business division by the Better Business Bureau of greater Oklahoma City.

Whether you are simply in need of training, are in the market to purchase a life-saving device, or would like to see how we can package both objectives to save you time and money, we hope you will consider making Heartland CPR your solution. Learning to save a life is the most valuable skill you can learn!

General inquiries: contact@HeartlandCPR.com


Heartland CPR’s fearless leader is Ginger Davis. She was first introduced to CPR in lifeguard training as a teenager (and, boy, have things changed!). Becoming a certified Pharmacy Technician at a small rural hospital as a young adult, then shifting in the direction of business as a Purchasing Agent and Transportation Frieght Flow Manager brought together seemingly unrelated careers in a way that pointed to business ownership and management. Her marriage to a paramedic/firefighter/EMS Chief who shared the frustrations of those he often heard from at work determined the type of business where a clear need existed. Following the birth of her third child, Ginger decided it was time to spend more time at home and leave a stressful career. Not being one to stand still for long, she realized she needed to do something with her free time; thus came the founding of Heartland CPR in 2003. A booming business means she is rarely at home nowadays but the kids are too big to care anyway. With over a decade spent owning Heartland and instructing, Ginger is as capable in front of a class as any of our instructors, although she prefers to work behind the scenes in support of the rest of the team.



Heartland CPR’s longest running - and most colorful - team member would undoubtedly be Brian Davis. Considered a "Dinosour of EMS" starting his EMS career in 1987, Brian is honored to be one of very few "Level III" Paramedics recognized by the Office of the Medical Director within the state of Oklahoma. Being a first responder at the Oklahoma City Bombing, Moore's May 3rd 1999 and May 20th 2013 tornados, he has seen things most of us don't even want to imagine. Saving lives is second nature. Brian started out as a street paramedic at EMSA (back when it was known as AmCare), did a stint in dispatch, and eventually moved to Deputy Director of Clinical Services oversite in the office of the Medical Director. He was recruited from there into his dream job: building a paramedic program for the Edmond Fire Department where he now serves as their EMS Chief. Thanks to his extensive resume, he definitely has the experience to teach you how to save lives just as he has been doing his entire career...although he's more known for his off-kilter sense of humor that usually makes an appearance at the classes he teaches.






Devin Davis always knew he was going to be a Power Ranger while he was growing up. His mother said that back when he was six he frequently put on a mask and ran around the house, kicking and showing off his ninja skills. Unfortunately, no one mentioned this to his grandfather who came to visit unannounced one unfortunate day. As "Gamp" opened the door, Devin snuck out of the shadows and kicked him in a very personal area. His grandfather fell into a fetal position and rolled around on the ground as Devin's mom, arriving on the scene to the aftermath, could do nothing but laugh. Devin says he still has these aspirations and fully plans on going back to this skill after he is financially secure enough to do so. Devin joined his parents on the Heartland CPR team after graduating from UCO with a major in Pubic Relations and a minor in Creative Studies. Although he wears a number of hats and is relied on for much of our marketing and IT needs, his soft spot for dogs made him the perfect fit when it came time to wade into the Pet First Aid and CPR waters. He also teaches BLS and Heartsaver classes for the human variety.






If you've contacted us by phone or email, there's a good chance you've spoken to newlywed Chelsea Hixson. For someone so young, Chelsea has the perfect combination of experiences as a lifeguard and also a recent CNA graduate of OSU-OKC to fit perfectly into the fabric of the business. Her outgoing, energetic personality is a bonus that allows her to be useful behind the phones, answering questions and guiding customers as they sign up for classes or help out in any way necessary. We have a feeling you'll fall in love with her spunky demeanor and infectious smile like the rest of us have.








Heartland CPR acquired a great instructor when Josh Hillis joined the team. He is a family man, as well as an avid hunter and fisherman. Being a firefighter/paramedic and veteran, he's also a real-life superhero. Given his knowledge base and profession, he's a great fit to teach our advanced-discipline courses such as ACLS and PALS. If you find yourself in one of Josh’s classes, you’ll definitely enjoy yourself and probably learn something you didn't know before no matter how long you've been in the business.









A great addition to the Heartland CPR family is paramedic Caitlin Holland.  While she is certified to teach at all AHA levels, she is primarily used to instruct the advanced disciplines of ACLS and PALS. Caity's definitely not lacking in experience; since graduating as Valedictorian from the EMSA Paramedic Academy, she has been showered with many different personal achievements: the EMSA Top Gun Award, the EMSA Humanitarian Award, and the EMSA Administration Award.  In addition to working full time as a paramedic, she is in PA School; we feel fortunate to get her spare time to instruct for us. We assure you, if you have the good fortune of being in one of her classes, you’re in very capable hands.









As a paramedic herself and an instructor at OSU-OKC, it's surprising that Whitney Kemp has any additional time. We were fortunate to get that additional time because this girl is well-rounded. We use her to instruct at the Heartsaver and BLS levels as well as the advance-level ACLS and PALS because her background and experience make her a perfect candidate for all disciplines. Her spunky personality make her someone customers will adore and that makes her a great addition to the Heartland CPR team.










Justin Laramie is an EMT/Firefighter but has a background as a former school teacher, making him a great addition to the Heartland CPR team. He's also in paramedic school, so plans to expand his repertoir of classes will follow completion of his medical education. He's a family man with a young family that's passionate about imparting life-saving knowledge in his BLS and Heartsaver classes.










Kyle McCoy is a great asset to the Heartland CPR team. A Choctaw native, he didn’t stray too far when he decided to take a job with the Edmond Fire Department. He’s an up-and-coming firefighter in Edmond and we couldn’t be happier to have him on our team at Heartland! We know you’ll just love it if you land in one of Kyle’s classes!









One of the newest editions to our team is Michael Eccard – but you can call him “Mike” for short. He’s been involved in EMS for over two decades, so you’re in more than capable hands if you end up in one of his classes. He’s a big advocate of low-stress training and actually became a lab instructor in 1997 to help other future medics have a better classroom experience than he did. We hope everyone is ready for Mike and all the experience he brings!









Jebediah Davis, Esq. is the office dog. He enjoys smells, Netflix and literally any food you give him. He will often pick up the phone and try to offer you training in exchange for cheese and belly rubs. Don't fall for it...he's not a licensed instructor through the AHA, but the rest of us are!




Jeb doesn't have thumbs, so he doesn't have an email.